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Our students are the best judges of the value and quality of the ITC experience. Check out what they have to say:

…..The practice consultations teach you how to think fast, ask the right questions and give the right feedback. The experience of actually doing it and getting feedback from the instructors was very helpful.”
“I had a great time! Made some new friends! A worthwhile experience!”
“I appreciate the positive, professional approach taken by all involved and the organizational efforts that were evident throughout.”
“The course was challenging and thought provoking. I am so incredibly happy that I attended. Not only did I find the coursework to be a valuable learning experience, but I found the experience to be introspective…one that made me really think about my inner values and beliefs. I did not go expecting it, but found that I came to terms with difficult choices I made/will continue to make about the dogs in my life. I am so thankful for that…..I was so inspired by the many different personalities that all came together! Meeting so many other wonderful people who care and feel about dogs the same way that I do!”
“Besides the great information, one tremendous benefit was the interaction of our group. There was no competition, just a group of wonderfully skilled and talented trainers coming together to share. We all found the courage to present in front of each other, share our ideas for everything under-the-sun, and support each other during some really challenging experiences. I would highly recommend this program to any level of trainer.”
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