Seminar Information

The Conversation of Teamwork
with Sue Sternberg and Dana Zinn

Sue Sternberg and Dana Zinn, CNWI, CPDT-KA

June 12, 2021 -
June 13, 2021

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Dates and Locations

Saturday & Sunday
June 12 & 13, 2021
9:00am - 5:00pm
Eastern MA location TBD

About this Seminar

The Conversation of  Teamwork

with Dana Zinn, CNWI, CPDT-KA and Sue Sternberg

This two-day workshop will provide valuable information about how we, as handlers, influence the search with our body movements, direction and pathways, and speed and body orientation.   Sue and Dana will also discuss what we are communicating to our dogs from all of our “handler actions or inactions” throughout the search, and why we may be getting certain behaviors from our canine partners in trial that baffle us.

This workshop will include video footage from other dog sports and video submissions from those attending the workshop as auditors, to demonstrate deliberate and inadvertent communication between dogs and their handlers.  Additionally, Dana will set up exercises to highlight handler movement and the dog’s response to better understand what our dogs are communicating “at each moment” and improve our productivity as handlers without diminishing drive and independence. 

You will also be given specific handling tools to increase your ability to listen while simultaneously allowing the dog more freedom to make choices and hunt independently. 

Sue and Dana deliver this workshop with humor, compassion and enthusiasm knowing that teams will leave with a new way of looking at the search and new tools to strengthen the handler/dog team through the long-term journey of this amazing game. 

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Meet the speaker/s

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Continuing Education Credits

CEUs pending approval

CEUs for CPDT-KA/KSA pending approval

CEUs pending approval

CEUS for KPA-CTPs based on CCPDT and IAABC approval units

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Tuition and Registration

Prices coming soon. Registration is not open.

Registration ends 8:00am on Monday, June 7, 2021 or when full.
Registration is limited to approximately 100 attendees.

Business Group Discounts are available for 3 or more employees, staff, or volunteers who attend from the same business, shelter or organization as an incentive for continuing education.  Click here to find out more. Business Group Discounts cannot be combined with any other special rates. The discount will be calculated off the regular (early bird and full) rates only.

You may pay for tuition by:
• Personal or Bank Check
• PayPal - using your account or opening a new account
• Visa, MasterCard, American Express or Discover through PayPal's secure system
Complete payment information will come up on the screen after you complete registration. General Payment Information
If the seminar does not meet the minimum (35 participants) and must be cancelled, currently registered participants will be refunded the full amount without penalty.

Please familiarize yourself with the Registration/Refund Policy, and the Waiver before signing up.

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Directions and Travel Information

Location TBD. Coming soon.

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Rules and Considerations

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