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Nose Work Twins and Triplets: No Problem!

Jean Richardson, CNWI

June 16, 2020

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Dates and Locations

June 16, 2020
3PM Eastern, 2PM Central, 1PM Mountain, 12PM Pacific
75-minute Webinar
This webinar will be recorded, so you can watch it later.
Recording available from June 22 through July 21 if you purchase the live webinar.

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About this Seminar

Nose Work Twins and Triplets: No Problem!
with Jean Richardson, CNWI

In this webinar Jean will discuss how to create a training plan that will build your dog’s ability to recognize and solve multiple hide problems encountered in upper level searches. Her focus will be on how to move from the foundation of two and three hide searches to close proximity pairs and triples. Jean will include practical exercises for teaching this concept as well as way you can support your dog. 

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Meet the speaker/s

Jean Richardson, CNWI

Jean is the owner of Wells Creek Dog Training on the Central Coast of Oregon and has been involved in dog training in various forms since 1984. She began training her personal dog for obedience competition at that time and has continued to learn along the way. She has competed and trained her own personal dogs to titles in AKC Obedience and Rally, Agility, Herding, Coursing, Tracking, Field Trials, Conformation and K9 Nose Work®.

Since becoming a CNWI in 2011 she has brought K9 Nose Work® to the central coast of Oregon, teaching many classes for various organizations in the area including Safe Haven Humane Society and the Emerald Dog Obedience Club. She has since gone on to become a NACSW™ Certifying Official and is now the CO Training Liaison in charge of Certifying Official education and training as well as the NACSW’s National Trial Site Advisor.

Before moving to Oregon in 2008, she was an Instructor for Guide Dogs of America in Sylmar, Ca, helping to train and then pair hundreds of guide dogs with visually impaired recipients. She has also been involved in teaching obedience, puppy and reactive dog classes in Southern California as well as Oregon.

Jean and her husband currently share their home with Field Champion Heirline Five O Clock Charlie, VC RN CA TDX ELT1 L1V. Charlie has the honor of being the first Basset Hound in the country to earn a NW3 and NW3 Elite title. Field Champion Heirline Whirlybird, TD, NW2 L1I, a Basset Hound and Fasth von Herzensfreude NW3 L2C L2I, a German Shepherd.

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Continuing Education Credits

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Tuition and Registration

Register here for this webinar: 

$30 for individual webinar with 30 days access to the recording.
$25 after rebate when you purchase all five regular webinars for June.

REBATE AVAILABLE: If you purchase all five of the June webinars – Dogs of Course will issue the rebate of $5/webinar ($25 total/ 20% off.) Rebate will be sent via PayPal the week of July 13th.   (Schwerdt, Richardson, Turley, Barney-both sessions)

The recording will be available for 30 days viewing via Vimeo from June 22nd through July 21st. Dogs of Course will e-mail the participant needed information and a link and/or password one day before the recording is available. It will not be downloadable. Viewing only.

Registration will go through Zoom Web hosting using PayPal only. 

Registration Refund Policy for the Webinar
  • If you cancel your registration through Zoom before the start time of the webinar, you will be automatically refunded the registration fee in 3-5 business days.
  • No refunds for "no-shows."
  • The webinar fee is not transferable to another webinar, seminar, camp, course, or person.

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Directions and Travel Information


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Rules and Considerations


  • Our webinar presentations include video analysis. Dogs of Course and the speaker(s) will do their best to provide you with a quality product. However, there are factors of running live webinars beyond our control that can impact the overall quality.
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  • If your computer is older or your internet slow that your smart phone might be a better choice.
  • Please read and print out this link. It has important information. FAQ About ZOOM and This Webinar_June 2020
  • Below is information from Zoom about system requirements and a website where you can test your internet speed to see if your system is optimal for the presentation. Dogs of Course can not guarantee the quality of the video in the webinars.

System requirements

How do I know how fast my internet speed is?

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  • Family members that are using your home's bandwidth may be impacting your ability to view the video. Asking them to not use the internet during the webinar (including phones and tablets that are hooked up to the internet) may help.

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