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Exercises from K9 Nose Work Training Camp
Segment Three

Amy Herot, NACSW Co-founder, CPDT-KA

May 26, 2020

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Dates and Locations

May 26, 2020
3PM Eastern, 2PM Central, 1PM Mountain, 12PM Pacific
75-minute Webinar
This webinar will be recorded, so you can watch it later.
Recording available from from June 1 through July 8 if you purchase the live webinar.

FAQ About ZOOM and This Webinar

About this Seminar

Segment Three of a Four Part K9 Nose Work Training Webinar Series

Exercises from K9 Nose Work Training Camp
with Amy Herot
Co-Founder NACSW™ and K9 Nose Work®

Locked down and needing some ideas and inspiration? What about an in-depth look at training and/or class exercises with Amy Herot?

An in-depth look at training and/or class exercises from Co-Founder Amy Herot.
The particular exercises in this series were featured in various K9 Nose Work Training Camps over the years brought to you by Dogs of Course & NACSW. Exercises have been updated and edited and a PDF of the exercise instructions will be available for download. The PDF of the exercise instructions will be sent with the link to your recorded video on June 1st.

Each segment will cover two exercises with discussion and video about setting up your exercises and goals in different environments. Participants will have the opportunity to get more background and relevance for the exercises as related to training and trialing. The exercises serve as a jumping off point for constructing and expanding the concepts and continuing to build your training program. Join us for this session on training K9 Nose Work!

Great for all levels of training. Useful for your personal training or for your classes.

Segment 3:
3A) Adding hides to Blank areas
3B) Thresholds


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Meet the speaker/s

Amy Herot, CPDT-KA, NACSW™ Co-founder
NACSW™ & K9 Nose Work® Founder/Nose Work Instructor

Amy is a professional K9 trainer and handler and brings over a decade of experience to her work. She has certified teams in Narcotics and Explosives and has logged over 1500 instructional hours in detection dog training. As co-founder of K9 Nose Work, and the National Association of Canine Scent Work Association,LLC® (NACSW™), she has sought to bring that experience to companion dogs and handlers through the development of K9 Nose Work® classes and sport events.

In the canine sport world Amy has trained dogs for tracking, agility, sheepherding, protection sports, and detection. She has competed nationally with her Dutch Shepherd, Maya and took 3rd place in Narcotics Detection at the Gold Coast K9 Working Dog Trials and 1st place, open division, at the Oxnard Police K9 Foundation Inaugural Trial, 2009. Her Belgian Malinois, Seven, is a nationally certified explosives detection dog and took 1st place in the Explosives Building Search at the 2009 Ventura County Sheriff's K9 Trial and holds an APR1 IPO title.

Amy holds a Bachelor of Science from NYU and is nationally certified through the Certification Council for Professional Dog Trainers (CCPDT). Additionally, she is a graduate of the Balu Academy for Dog Trainers and is a John Rogerson associate here in the U.S.

Her professional memberships and affiliations include the Association of Pet Dog Trainers (APDT), Southern California Dog Trainers’ Forum (SCDTF), Southern California Schutzhund Club, California Narcotics Canine Association (CNCA) and International Association of Bomb Technicians and Investigators (IABTI). Amy gives much volunteer time and expertise to the betterment of shelter dogs. Some of Amy’s other achievements have been the 2007 President's Volunteer Service Award, spcaLA's 2005 Outstanding H.E.A.L. (Helping Enhance Animals Lives) Volunteer and 2006 Volunteer of the Year.

Amy is one of the country’s most experienced K9 Nose Work® instructors and is a co-founder of NACSW™. In addition to teaching many of the top competitive teams, she has also reviewed hundreds of trial videos that have provided important insights into training and handling for success. Amy is owner of the Los Angeles based All Good Dogs, LLC.

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Continuing Education Credits

2 CEUs
(electronically entered usually 2 weeks after the end of the viewing period) 

(electronically entered 2 weeks after the end of the viewing period) 

1.25 CEU
(document emailed to you at the end of the viewing period)

1.25 CEU
(document emailed to you at the end of the viewing period)


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Tuition and Registration

Register here for this webinar:

$30 for individual webinar with 30 days access to the recording.
$25 after rebate when you purchase all four segments of this series.

The cost for individual webinars is $30 each and includes video access to the recording for 30 days.

The recording will be available via Vimeo from June 1st through July 8th. Dogs of Course will e-mail the participant needed information and a link and/or password one day before the recording is available. It will not be downloadable. Viewing only.
REBATE AVAILABLE: If you purchase all four segments of this series – Dogs of Course will issue the rebate of $5/webinar ($20 total) at the conclusion of the full series. Rebate will be sent via PayPal the week of June 8th.

Registration will go through Zoom Web hosting using PayPal only. 

Registration Refund Policy for the Webinar
  • If you cancel your registration through Zoom before the start time of the webinar, you will be automatically refunded the registration fee in 3-5 business days.
  • No refunds for "no-shows."
  • The webinar fee is not transferable to another webinar, seminar, camp, course, or person.

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Directions and Travel Information

No travel required.

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Rules and Considerations


  • Our webinar presentations include video analysis. Dogs of Course and the speaker(s) will do their best to provide you with a quality product. However, there are factors of running live webinars beyond our control that can impact the overall quality.
  • The quality of the presentation video is contingent on your computer operating system, your internet connection and the bandwidth available. Even with high speed internet video can/will lag or stutter a bit. You should expect degraded video to some degree.
  • If your computer is older or your internet slow that your smart phone might be a better choice.
  • Please read and print out this link. It has important information. FAQ About ZOOM and This Webinar
  • Below is information from Zoom about system requirements and a website where you can test your internet speed to see if your system is optimal for the presentation. Dogs of Course can not guarantee the quality of the video in the webinars.

System requirements

How do I know how fast my internet speed is?

In order to register and attend, you must download the Zoom app for your phone OR register through your PC or laptop for a free Zoom accountat

Zoom presentations work best on the following browsers, with Google Chrome being our top pick:

  • For Windows: IE 11+, Edge 12+, Firefox 27+, Chrome 30+
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  • Close all other windows and get off the internet except for the presentation so your internet and computer are not bogged down trying to multitask.
  • Family members that are using your home's bandwidth may be impacting your ability to view the video. Asking them to not use the internet during the webinar (including phones and tablets that are hooked up to the internet) may help.

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