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In seven years, the agility community in New England raised over $335,000 for the Floating Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Center Childlife program (Cycle for Life Fund) in Boston, MA.

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About This Fundraiser

On Course for Kids is a team agility event for the purpose of creating a fun night for patients and their families while raising money for the Floating Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Center Childlife program (Cycle for Life Fund) in Boston, MA.

Just like a pledge walk or bike-a-thon, agility participants get friends, family and organizations to sponsor them. Each team will consist of two agility dogs with owners AND a child from the Floating Children’s Cancer Center! The child will actually be part of the team and join you on the turf. (Depending on the age of the child, a parent or sibling may also be with the child.) The dogs will run a jumps and tunnels course. The team with the best score wins!

You will send in information and a picture on your child-friendly dog to acquaint the child with the agility team. He/she will then pick the dog team he/she would like to be on and give it a name. Buttons will be made up from your dog’s picture for the child to wear to help connect them to the dogs on his/her team!

In addition to agility, there will be other activities like art projects or a bone toss game for the children, their families and you. We have funny contests each year. In the past they have included: the team with the longest and shortest legs, the youngest and oldest teams, the best team name, costumes and more. The evening will be filled with cheering, laughter, dog petting and fun!

All the children will receive gifts and ribbons for entering the event.

Where Does The Money Go?

The Floating Children’s Cancer Center serves children throughout New England from infants to young adults.

The money raised through team and event sponsors goes into the Cycle for Life Fund at the Floating Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Center in Boston, MA. This fund pays for:

  • Toys, books, computer games, trips and other therapeutic initiatives.
  • Funding to keep the playroom open on weekends so that children receiving chemotherapy can have breaks from treatment to play.
  • Providing child life therapists whose goal is to help children be children.
  • Outings and support for the teen group that works with older patients.
  • Access to a telephone line at the Cancer Center Clinic for the parents.

The money is not for research, which is funded through other sources, it is used only to make the lives of children with cancer a little more tolerable.
Make a Tax Deductible Donation

If you would like to donate to the Cycle for Life Fund to support Childlife services at the Floating Hospital’s Children’s Cancer Center. Mail your tax deductible check written to “Cycle for Life Fund/NEMC” and mail it to New England Medical Center, Development Office,  750 Washington St, NEMC 231, Boston, MA 02111 . You will receive an acknowledgement from the hospital as proof for tax preparation.

Or go to to make an online donation with your credit card. Just pick a team and make a donation to the fund.

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