ITC Rules and Considerations

The Humane Societies have restricted smoking policies. Smoking is only allowed outside the facility in designated areas.

Alcohol consumption is strictly prohibited when working your shelter dog or attending ITC programs. Excessive or inappropriate alcohol consumption may be grounds for dismissal from the ITC program.

The course is designed to be very demanding. The schedule is extremely full and the additional responsibility of your shelter dog’s care and training (ITC: Teaching and Training) will limit your free time. In the evening you will have group or individual assignments or you may want to bring your shelter dog back to your motel room. Therefore, we suggest that you leave your everyday work and personal responsibilities behind so you can focus on the curriculum. With this in mind, we think your dog(s) may be happier at home or lounging at a friend’s house.

We strongly suggest you leave your personal dog home however if you need to bring your dog with you, in order to attend the course, arrangements can be made with the course director. Your personal dog must be keep in your car or can be crated in the classroom as long as he/she is quiet and does not create any distractions. If your dog is disruptive to the course, you will be asked to relocate your pet. Personal dogs should not interact in anyway with shelter dogs for safety and health reasons. Your dog MUST not be aggressive, must be quiet, and on leash at all times. Dana Crevling must be informed your pet is coming.

The instructing staff is subject to change. Staff may be added or subtracted depending on enrollment.


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