Business Group Discounts

Dogs of Course Business Group Discount Policy:

  • The group discount is designed as an incentive for organizations to educate their staff/employees and for not-for-profit organizations to educate their staff, employees and volunteers. The group discount is not available for friends/colleagues who are not directly part of the sponsoring organization/group or members of a training club. The group discount is available to businesses and non-profits at a rate of $10 off per full day per person for 3 or more eligible attendees from your organization.   
  • All registrations and payment need to be submitted together. Payment for a group must be by one check or money order payment by the employer/leader of the business or organization.  We ask that you provide us with a check or money order for group discounts. The check, along with the registration forms, should be payable to Dogs of Course and mailed to Dogs of Course, c/o Dana Crevling, 128 Glen Ave., Upton, MA 01568.
  • Each person needs to fill out his/her own registration form so we have each individual’s information in order to send e-mail confirmations, have the ability to contact the person directly via e-mail and phone, and to make sure that the participant agrees to the liability waiver and refund policy. We ask that you use paper registration forms to keep records straight and manageable for us. Contact Bonnie for a PDF registration to print for each of your group members. Alternately, you may print the registration form page for the seminar you wish to attend.
  • On each registration form the group name/organization must be printed to identify the person’s group. 
  • The group discount applies to the participants that register together. We will not provide refunds retroactively for previous registrations or add-ons after the fact.
  • If someone drops out and the attendance number goes under the group rate (3 people per day), then the organization/leader/employer of the group will need to pay the balances on the remaining people or the individual that canceled will be refunded minus additional fees/ new calculations.
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