Dogs of Course, owned and run by Dana C. Crevling, is dedicated to improving dogs' lives by helping build stronger bonds between dogs and their owners by offering quality educational events and charitable activities.

K9 Nosework Camps

Nose Work is a dog training activity designed to develop a dog’s natural scenting ability by using her/his curiosity, desire to hunt, and love of toys, food and exercise. Dogs of Course, in association with the National Association of Canine Scent Work™ (NACSW), has created a three and a half day all-inclusive sleepover camps around the country open to appropriate dog and handler teams as well as auditors. All nose work enthusiasts are welcome at camp no matter their training methodology or preferred competition venue to learn more about the K9 Nose Work® training techniques and philosophy. 

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Educational Events

Dogs of Course has been hosting educational events since 1999 for dog training professionals, shelter and rescue volunteers and staff, and dog training, behavior and sports enthusiasts. Our events vary in length from short half-day workshops to 4 and 5 day conferences. Our goal is to prove the best educational experience possible by offering quality cutting edge instruction in a safe friendly environment. Our instructors are leaders in their fields. 

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Instructor Training Courses

Instructor Training Courses (ITC) are between three and a half to five full days of instruction depending on the course. Each course is carefully designed to maximize your learning through a combination of workshops, dog training sessions, presentations, activities, games, lecture , discussion and homework assignments. We welcome auditors as well as full participants.

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